Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And the saga continues

The Midwest is full of snow.  And I do mean FULL.  I was totally prepared to settle in and enjoy a great day of creating.  My husband is a supervisor of his company, so they were all prepared to work from home the next day.  The whole next day had a promise of enjoyment.  I came home unscathed-the first night,  prepared to light a fire and fix a great comfort dinner.  Much to my chagrin what I found was a puddle of water in front of my fridge.  All over my new wood floor, which was courtesy of my dishwasher last year.  EEEEEK here I go!  Well as most women would do (especially if you hadn't been able to keep your home as you would usually do)  I went from the floor to the cabinet above the fridge to the one next to the fridge and so on.  Of course I had to do the range the light fixtures and on and on and on.  Well this morning I have a new fridge, a relatively clean kitchen and a hankering to get into the great finds I found before Christmas.  These are my finds: 
What am I doing wrong?  I do believe SOMPINS UP.  Behind my shelf that these pieces were found on I also found a package I had not seen in years.  I didn't even remember I had it.  This is what I found.

I guess it's true.  The Lord can giveth and taketh away.  Thank you Lord.  I needed a little giveth.  I am going to post pictures of my VD decorations next.  I really hope in the mean time your days are filled with-
Hope and Hugs to all    

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