Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday

Hello Pinkies,

I'm back from our last weekend hunt.  We did find a shop but unfortunately no great deals were to be had.   Oh well.  We enjoyed our time together anyway.  I did find a little article in Woman's World Magazine,  that made me smile.  It was titled "Send anxiety packing with pink".  By simply slipping into pink, 100% of the participants in the study, felt more relaxed in just five minutes!  Credit went to the hue's ability to turn on the pleasure center of the brain, relaxing muscles and even instilling confidence!"  Well of course.  All of us knew that.  Just look at all the happy relaxed pink posts at:


My dear MIL has given me much of her silver serving pieces to add to my own collection.  I'm happy she knows I will cherish them, and remember all the family dinners she prepared us.  We were treated to her great cooking and entertaining often.  Thanks Mom.

Her gift inspired me to set up the dining room.  I love mixing pink with different colors.  Silver pink and black.  Let's give that a try.

I hope you like my combination.

And I hope you enjoy My Pink Pretties.

This was at the bottom of an auction box.  Does anyone know how to use it?  Not sure it goes together. 
This is what I did.

If you have the time, I appreciate your comments.

Hope & Hugs to all


Friday, June 3, 2011

Small really is more difficult to do

Hi all, 

Hope you are recovering from our special pink week party.  I was happy so many participated.  I think I've finally recovered from my pink hangover.  What a great hangover to have!  If you missed it or your ready to see even more, please visit our hostess at:

I decided to show you my powder room this week.  It is very small and very pink.  I have added a few things to my shelves that I have collected.   I mistakenly thought it would be an easy quick job.  Guess again oh inexperienced one.  After trying different lamps to light it, and many angles to miss the mirror, I think I got a few pics that will at least give you an idea of what it looks like.

I do hope you will forgive the bad language that spewed forth. LOL

And I hope you enjoy My Pink Pretties.

If you have the time, I love to read your comments.

Hope & Hugs to all