Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is almost here!

I just want to thank my elves,  tiny reindeer, and of course Melody's Gracies.  Undeterred we continue to move forward.  We won't complete everything we would like to, but I know I will enjoy it to the fullest.  Hard to believe these days are running forward to quickly.  I have only achieved less than half of what I wanted.  I am happy to say that family members are doing well.  Really much more important than the amount of achievements.  Well enough of the gabbing.  On to the pretties!

You know how much I love my cabinets filled with pretties.  I hope you enjoy them too!

Hope and Hugs to all

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas is coming along

I'm not sure my picture quality is improving, but I'm not going to let that stop me from sharing my photos.
So here is what the elves Graces and I have been working on.

I do love my cabinets chocked full of pretties.

Putzes reindeer and sweet little families.  In this case a rogue unicorn showed up.  What a great surprise.

I'm such a lucky gal.  It has even snowed for us tonight!

I'm not sure, is that Betty Boop deer?

Oh, how lovely the Joseph's dropped by with their new baby.  I really must get a close up of that precious girl..  I mean look at them  folks, we know that baby girl will be adoree!!  I was right for a change.

Hope and hugs to all

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas really is the best time of the year!

I'm not sure if most people really are nicer during this season, or if each of us looks at one another with kinder eyes.  I hope it is a bit of both.  Looking for inspirations from all of your beautiful posts has also filled my dreams with sugar plums, angels, fairies ,well all things beautiful from Christmas.  I am so happy I have found blog land.  I'm excited to share my pictures and thoughts, as well as share yours.  You may remember the song "All I want for Christmas"  well all I want is to become more proficient with this blasted machine.  I will enjoy "grabbing your blog buttons"  (I hope I said that politely) and sharing your great blogs with others.   I'm sure after the holidays I'll be putting more time into learning this fascinating land.  In the meantime I'm not where I want to be, but I'm moving along!  My elves and my beautiful Graces are helping me find my way trough the decorating boxes.   We thought we'd add more pictures of some of the pieces we love best.

Top of pie safe.  Beautiful angels.

Our mantel.  My husband does enjoy our very romantic pale colors.  But all pink might just send him for the edge!  So whites and creams help to neutralize.

My atrium window in the kitchen.  I use to be a buyer for Montgomery Ward.  So that and the fact that I lived on a property where the white deer would come right up to the yards, has caused me to love all deer.  Oh by the by MW was the creator of Ruldolph.  Many years ago my hubbs and I took a cruise to Alaska.  I have ever since made small forests of animals that I love.  Hope we can save our Polar Bears as an example.  In the meantime I enjoy here.  Hope you do too.

 Hope and hugs to all

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My sweet elves are very busy in this home.

We have so  much to catch up on.  I know we won't get it all done, but we will enjoy the journey anyway.  I have always found that no matter how much or how little you do, Christmas will always be beautiful.

Even a small powder room can be pinkified and Christmas.

I love touching every room with Christmas.
I'm not sure this is the way it will stay, but at least we're moving forward

Hope and Hugs to all.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm starting to enjoy Christmas right now.

With so much going on with my health, and the health of my in laws, I'm late on getting Christmas going.  I absolutely love Christmas!  We have always had big parties (50 to 100 people) until the last few years.  I do miss them but realistically it is to much work right now.  It does look like my in laws will have a new place soon.  Their home has sold, and the house is nearly empty.  They will be getting their dog back and I my sanity.  Well hopefully my sanity.  So let the decorating begin!

I just love putzes.  And I also love filling my cabinets with pink pretties. Of course I actually love all pastels whites and creams.

Close up views of the antique pie safe in my family room.

Well these are at least a beginning.  I hope you enjoy them.
Hope and Hugs to all.