Friday, October 26, 2012

PINK strong soft and beautiful

This is a special month for we pinkies.  Not only do we honor women in one of their personal triumphs, but we also honor one of our most cherished colors  Once again pink proves to be strong soft, and beautiful all at the same time..

I am sharing my last RV trip for this year.  I was one of the hosts for this trip.  That means the hosts do all of the planning and scheduling.  This year while the men were golfing, the ladies had a tea and craft party.  I brought many pink pretties for our visual candy, and supplies to make refrigerator pockets.

I'm sorry to say I remembered everything except my camera.  Because of that I tried to re-create our tea party to give you an idea of what we did.  I made two refrigerator pockets to give everyone some ideas.  I hate clutter all over my refrigerator so I made these pockets.  I made one for the spring season and one for the holiday season.  I also did the handy clothespins and magnets.  I think the pockets will be especially handy during the holidays.  When someone sends you pictures you can keep track of them.  I think I may make separate pockets for each year.  That will be nice to look back on the pictures in one organized place! They will also be a place to slip receipts or recipes in.

I hope you will join in the pink fun at Miss Beverly's


I hope you find strength and joy in this special color.

And of course I hope you enjoy MY PINK PRETTIES

I found these adorable nut cups on this trip.  I just couldn't resist!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

A beautiful fall day

Hi Bloggers

I know I am happy to move out of summer this year.  I hate the heat.  I do believe my brain is un-swelling as I write.  With any luck it will continue and my energy will return.  I am joining dear Beverly for Pink Saturday.  She congregates a lot of beautiful bloggers.  If you haven't joined us yet,  visit here:


This year we are showing fall colors.  Now you know I am usually a pastel kind of gal, but who can resist the lovely colors of fall.  So let the "falling" begin.

By the by I did manage to actually put one whole doll on eBay! Yeah for me.  No luck on Etsy yet.  I just have so much stuff I want to share with others,  as I do have way to many pretties and not enough space.  I have one more trip next weekend, so I won't be here until the following week.

I hope your falling into fall where you are

I hope you will join us for a fall blog hop

And as always I hope you enjoy MY PINK  OOPS, I MEAN FALL PRETTIES

Hey you have to have a little pink!!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy to be home

 I love our RV and friends from our club, but it is so nice to be home.  The only bad thing is it is exactly the way I left it.  You see my husband is giving my kitchen a face lift.  It is a good way for him to unwind and relax after a 60 plus hour work week.  Lucky for me he enjoys doing it.  Unlucky for me he has little time to work on it.  So with cabinet foods, pots, dishes etc. my entire house feels disjointed.  I am hoping, since we only have one more trip, he may be able to get it done before the holidays.

Well in the mean time I thought I would show you what I have been doing.  I had some great shopping experiences, I figured out how to set up a shop on Etsy, (tho it is still empty) and I crafted some of Miss DeDe's addictions, dolls.

I hope you remember my best friend of 20 years DeDe.  She's the one I tell my husband, that has this terrible monkey on her back, not me.  She began collecting these adorable bisque dolls.  Even though I am not a seamstress I have enjoyed dressing these little lovelies.  So she and I have agreed to list a few on Ebay.  Well that hasn't happened yet either.  But it will.

At least I am happy to be here with all of you Pinkies and our hostess Beverly for Pink Saturday.  Anyone can join us here:


I hope you find many pink blogs to inspire you

I hope your summer was a happy one

And of course I hope you enjoy  MY PINK PRETTIES

                                   Please meet my dear friend Dede.

She has never even told one of my secrets.  Now that's a friend!

Some of my fun finds

Miss DeDe's shame

My pleasures

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