Monday, February 14, 2011

Raggedy Melody's Valentine wish

Yesterday Melody ran to Mommy.  She was very excited. " Mommy can you make  a dress for me and Ducky to wear for school tomorrow?"  "We are going to have a parade for Valentines Day."  While Mommy thought the parade would be fun for all of the children, she didn't know how to sew nor did she have extra money right now.  But she assured Melody she would figure something out .  She looked through her old clothes and began to cut tear, and glue.  When Mommy put the outfit on Melody and Ducky, Melody felt very pretty. She thought it was the prettiest dress ever.  She didn't even notice the strings hanging nor the uneven hem.  "Thank you Mommy"  "I love it" 

 Mommy was very happy.  She just couldn't stop looking at her sweet baby.
Teacher and all of her friends told her how pretty she looked too.

May each of you be as creative as Mommy, and feel as pretty as Melody & Ducky on this:                          Happy Valentine's Day.

Hope and Hugs to all

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