Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Hot Pink Saturday

Will someone please explain why I continue to garden, only to watch everything droop or get eaten.  I love the green movement and try at best to respect Mother Nature.  But I have to say these creepy ravenous earwigs are about to receive my wrath!!  And it is just to darn hot.  OK I feel better getting that off of my  chest.  Mother Nature fear not, I will continue to try to kill them responsibly.

In light of my crabbies I figured out I needed some happy pink.  Sure enough, I started working on changing my kitchen curio.  As I found some different pinks to rearrange,  my mood actually lifted.  It's true what they say,  pink really is a state of mind, not just a color.

Well it is still hotter than you know where, so I think I will stay here in the pink coolness of my home.

The only traveling I will be doing will be at Miss Beverly's Happy Pink Saturday Link.  You can join in the fun too.

I hope you will join us, and I hope you will be cool.

And of course I hope you enjoy My Pink Pretties.


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Until next time

Hope & hugs to you and yours

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Happy Pink Hunt

Dear Pinkies,

 I had a great hunting expedition this week.  I zeroed in on a pink English bone china set.  I was so excited.  I also found a great chocolate pot set.  I was sure I had the kill of the hunt.  After all, who wouldn't love either one of these sets?

When I got home I could hardly contain my enthusiasm to research my kills.  I was hungry for every piece of info I could find on these great pieces.  Half the fun of the hunt of course is the kill, but to those of us who stand in line for hours, or we who hope wish & pray, understand the other half is finding the treasure is indeed the treasure we thought it was.

Well I have researched looked and dug to get the info on this English china set.  I have found none.  As I don't entertain 12 at a time often, I would like to sell part of the set and hope I can provide info for it.

 The china is marked, but I can't find any info on it.  There are many pieces that are close, but not an exact match.

I hope one of you Pinkies may recognize it.

I hope everyone will join our pink hostess at:

And of course  I hope you enjoy My Pink Pretties.

If you have the time, I enjoy reading your comments

Until next time

Hope & hugs to you and yours


Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th and Happy Pink Saturday

I have to begin by thanking our lovely hostess:

Not only has she gathered all of us together, but she has also got me off of my duff, to prepare for the 4th. Usually I procrastinate until the last minute, but today I am happy to share with you the tradition my husband & I now share.  At one time we either worked very hard to have a barbecue here, or traveled somewhere to help friends & family.  Once our children moved from this area, we decided to start new traditions.  (Way better than me sitting around & crying) We now work around the house & yard during the day, then start our celebration.

This year we will begin with  a happy hour martini, & appetizer.  I think I will make blue seas martini with a maraschino cherry, and white button mushrooms stuffed with red pepper, tomato & sausage.  While we enjoy our happy hour, my husband is going to start our barbecued ribs & corn.  A green salad with fresh strawberries & blue cheese will round out our early supper.  Now a rest in the cool of the early evening.

Our new tradition has us going to Andy's ice cream  for a banana split.  We have found a hide-a-way place to park, open the roof, & watch the local fire works while enjoying  our treats.  We get home long before the celebration traffic will. 

As we live in an area that knows fireworks are dangerous  & makes them illegal, I am ashamed to admit we will enjoy our night cap oohing & ahhing over the idiots that push their luck  Most importantly we will raise our glass to wish America a very happy birthday.

I'm sorry to say I have no pink pretties for the celebration.  I do hope you and yours will have a happy holiday anyway.

And of course I hope you will enjoy My RED Pretties.

If you have the time, I really enjoy reading your comments.

Hope hugs to all