Monday, January 31, 2011

VD and Spring (Well one can dream)

Even tho I'm getting better, still moving pretty slow.  Since I have realized pain medication may make your body better, it is messing with my already questionable mind resources.  Some how I just don't get everything the way I use to.  (Notice I blame the meds not the age)  Because we are being threatened with 2 feet of snow, I have to make chicken noodle soup, start a great fire in the fireplace and figure out a great dessert.  Do you have an electronic pressure cooker?  It is one of the best things since sliced bread.  Throw it all in, even frozen chicken, and minutes later you have dinner.  Your soup will be done before you can get your Jiffy corn muffins made.  (not an endorsement of Jiffy, but it sure is good).   I would like to show you some of my VD's.

This is my pie safe.
VD is coming along.

Next time even more.  In the mean time

Hope and Hugs to all.  

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