Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy pink Saturday

I appear to have my blogger semi fixed.  I can recieve and leave comments again.  If you have the time please leave a comment.  If you are experiencing the same problem as I, try unchecking the google account sign in box for staying signed in.  I also had to clear my chache & cookies.  Hope this helps you.
Please see the next post that is my party time post.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy Mommy it's a party and we're ALL invited

Yes dear I know. Miss Beverly's Pink Saturday Post links is turning three. She hosts it every week for us. It's always great fun to join in.

I think we should dress in party dresses. Pink of course. We'll gather some decorations and set the table & make a pretty sweets table too. You can help me make & bake a cake. I think it would be fun to also make little heart cakes. Oh, and let's not forget the party hats.

Well there you have it girls, everything we need for a Happy Birthday Party.

I hope everyone considers joining us at:

And I hope you enjoy My Pink Pretties.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday

I hope all had a great Mother's day, and week.  Mother's day brought some great weather here.  My husband & I went to the nursery to get some new bushes & plants.  Knowing things are going to grow and bloom definitely lifted my spirits.  Even though I knew I had pink pretties to play with,  I was thankful for the boost. 

After my great "hunting expedition", I knew rearranging my goodies would be fun.  I also knew with that many items the challenge would be to not over do.  Sadly restraint is not one of my strong suits. 

I worked at it until I felt it was a soft pink place to fall.  If you need inspiration to create your own soft pink place to land, please visit our hostess.  You will be given the boost you need.


I hope your Friday the 13th is both happy and lucky.

And I hope you enjoy My Pink Pretties


If you have the time, I love reading your comments.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh my happiness....What a haul!!

Please join me & many other Pinkies at our lovely hostess's site.  You will find every kind of pink your heart desires.  Just go here:


Last weekend was a great get a way.  My husband & I belong to an RV club that takes several close to home trips through the summer.  The group is made up of really fun people.  We call ourselves an RV club, but really we are an eating and drinking club!  The men like to play golf, while the women like to shop. 

Now everyone that knows me knows:  if it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have ANY.  This week I am happy to say was my week.  It is all the more special when unexpectedly lady luck drops by. 

When we went into the antique shop, I had my usual hopes that I would find a special treasure to take home.  After all antiquing is a competitive sport.  As we started down the aisle my heart lept.  There was a beautiful pink plate I hoped would be my treasure today.  I approached carefully, heart racing I poised myself  into the perfect position in front of my competitors.  Wha la I went in for the kill.  I'm happy to report it was mine!  To find a treasure so early in the hunt sharpened my instincts.  The hunt was on!!

Oh boy oh boy.  In no time my arms were filled.  First with a Lefton jelly & plate, then Bavarian candle sticks, then angels & S&P shakers & figurines and on and on and on. 

As I amassed my goodies on the counter, many guns took aim.  But I was already the victor.  I did convert one into a pinkie.  She said she didn't think she cared for pink but after seeing them all together, they made her smile.  I put down my shield long enough to help her find a few pink pretties for herself.

I hope lady luck smiles on you.

And I hope you enjoy my pink pretties.

Of course now the fun will begin.  Whatever will I do with all these pink pretties?

Happy Mother's Day