Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hi to all.  I hope you have already checked out our lovely hostess Beverly.  She has a great blog.  She also organizes other blogs that enjoy sharing their pinks.  Take a look, you'll be happy you did.
 I'm always surprised how many people love pink.  It is one of those colors that can be splashed in almost amywhere.  Of cource I also love white creams and pastels.  The combinations of these light bright colors make my home feel soft and cozy.  Today I am sharing my dresse
I hope this shows up well on your screen.  I think it maybe a little light.  I'll try again
The next set is of my side table next to my bed.

I hope you have enjoyed my contributions this week.  I can hardly wait to see all of yours!
Happy Pinking to all

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Am I a Beverly pink girl or not?

I hope I am posting back to Beverly's Pink Saturday.  Have to admit once again, I DON'T HAVE A CLUE UNTIL I PUSH THE BUTTON!!  I just enjoy her personal blog so much.  She also graciously organizes other blogs, that enjoy meeting bloggerettes that love pink.  If this doesn't work back to her,  I will have to humble to other's knowledge.  I really don't mind doing that,  I have met some great bloggers along the way.    Well here goes:

Beverly, please forgive me if I screw this up.  I would love to capture your button to my sidebar, but I think I may need a glass of wine or maybe two.  I'll keep at it till I get it right.
Thx for your help and patience.

Hope and hugs to all 

Oh by the by:  At this point I think all of my posts have pink.  Not that the pictures are very good yet.  But I am on my way.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Raggedy Melody's Valentine wish

Yesterday Melody ran to Mommy.  She was very excited. " Mommy can you make  a dress for me and Ducky to wear for school tomorrow?"  "We are going to have a parade for Valentines Day."  While Mommy thought the parade would be fun for all of the children, she didn't know how to sew nor did she have extra money right now.  But she assured Melody she would figure something out .  She looked through her old clothes and began to cut tear, and glue.  When Mommy put the outfit on Melody and Ducky, Melody felt very pretty. She thought it was the prettiest dress ever.  She didn't even notice the strings hanging nor the uneven hem.  "Thank you Mommy"  "I love it" 

 Mommy was very happy.  She just couldn't stop looking at her sweet baby.
Teacher and all of her friends told her how pretty she looked too.

May each of you be as creative as Mommy, and feel as pretty as Melody & Ducky on this:                          Happy Valentine's Day.

Hope and Hugs to all

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How do I get to you?

I'm having such a hard time getting to your blogs.  Every time I turn THIS THING on I have a new update.  It seems like every time they update me I lose what I just learned.  Now I must confess it is not that difficult to lose me.  I do believe however, that they are playing with my sensibility.  Probably been watching those out of this world shows to much.  Well I keep working at it.  Pretty soon I will have told you how
much your site means to me. and your creativity and or words have inspired me.

Till then:  Hope and Hugs to all 


Just realized I showed the same picture twice.  Still learning!!  Sorry for the confusion! 
Hope and Hugs

Love is in the air

I hope all is going well for all of you.  I do enjoy seeing the different pretties around the house.  I know I say that alot, but I do like to see my home looking different all the time.  Part of it is my procurement addiction!  I have been able to find really cute things thru the years.  Can't show them all at once.  Well I guess you could, but no one could see anything then.  Wanted to share some of my VD decorations with you.

This my family mantel

This is the top of my microwave.

This is me and my husband.  OK we looked that way a number of years ago, but you get the idea!

Kitchen Love.

When a boy offers his puppy, it must be puppy love!
Well I'm off to do dinner. 
Hope and Hugs to all.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And the saga continues

The Midwest is full of snow.  And I do mean FULL.  I was totally prepared to settle in and enjoy a great day of creating.  My husband is a supervisor of his company, so they were all prepared to work from home the next day.  The whole next day had a promise of enjoyment.  I came home unscathed-the first night,  prepared to light a fire and fix a great comfort dinner.  Much to my chagrin what I found was a puddle of water in front of my fridge.  All over my new wood floor, which was courtesy of my dishwasher last year.  EEEEEK here I go!  Well as most women would do (especially if you hadn't been able to keep your home as you would usually do)  I went from the floor to the cabinet above the fridge to the one next to the fridge and so on.  Of course I had to do the range the light fixtures and on and on and on.  Well this morning I have a new fridge, a relatively clean kitchen and a hankering to get into the great finds I found before Christmas.  These are my finds: 
What am I doing wrong?  I do believe SOMPINS UP.  Behind my shelf that these pieces were found on I also found a package I had not seen in years.  I didn't even remember I had it.  This is what I found.

I guess it's true.  The Lord can giveth and taketh away.  Thank you Lord.  I needed a little giveth.  I am going to post pictures of my VD decorations next.  I really hope in the mean time your days are filled with-
Hope and Hugs to all