Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've fallen but I will get up

After the year I've had, I can't believe I began with a broken back, and ended with a fractured sternum!  I have never had a broken anything.  True I do have several maladies, but I work hard to keep ahead of them.  I know this year has been rough in many ways for a number of people, so let's let it go.


I am finally wrapping up Christmas decorations, and I am ready for new pretties to look at. It is amazing to me how much a pretty decor can lift my spirits

Even a small change makes a difference.  I know I didn't show you what it looked like at Christmas, but it was different.  I don't think my mantle will stay the same, but I had to put something up to look at!
Now I need to decide how to handle my studio, (and I use the word losely). I just started it this year after I was able to move around from my back surgery.  It went from being my daughters room, to being a bonus room, to being my creative room.  

Now I can't decide if I want it to be pretty and inspirational, or more functional.  I began pretty, now I had to clean it up so you could see it!

I would really appreciate some of your thoughts,  as I am new to having my own room for creating.  Well at least I have gotten up.  I'm ready for Valentine's and Spring RIGHT NOW!!

Hope and Hugs to all

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