Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday

Thank you to our dear hostess.  I do hope you will check in with her.  She also keeps a running list of all the Pinkies participating todayl
It is so much fun to check in with her and many of the other Pinkies.  Her list has grown to many great Bloggerettes.  I have been both inspired and have made new friends.

Speaking of friends, I would like to introduce you to my dear friend Miss Dede.  I recieved many comments on my other friend Miss Minnie last week.  People really liked her.  Well Miss Dede wondered where her fans were.

I had no idea Miss Dede would take it this way.  Well anyway she has been a dear friend nearly 20 years.  I must say I do not believe she has ever divulged even ONE secret.  My only problem is she really is the doll collector.  She merely allows me to play with them.  Well I do keep trying to convince Da Hubs of this.  So far no luck!  But I enjoy her anyway.  We've had great fun at times like the holidays.  If you have ever seen a Patty Playpal doll by Ideal, you know how real they look.  I had Miss Dede and baby Dede decorating the Christmas tree one year.  People were amazed.  I haven't done that for awhile.  Perhaps I'll remember to try it this year.  No guarantees but a fun thought.  I never know what I will remember and what I won't.  I'm still amazed I'm actually doin this. 

Miss Dede is calling to me.  She seems to think it is time to stop yapping and get crafting.  After all she reminds me you will have many blogs to check in on..

So until we see you again:
May your Lord fill you and yours with Hope & Hugs

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