Friday, March 11, 2011

A happy pink Saturday and a St. Patty too

As always our dear hostess Beverly has another fun idea for pink Saturday postings.  Please be sure to visit her and all of the great posters she will have organized in one place for you.
 I love seeing everyoneelses pictures and reading their posts as well.  Unfortunately there are great picture takers out there.  Now I say unfortunately,  because I find mine to be sorely inadequate.  I need a lot of practice and probably a newer camera.  Mine is very limited and is one of the older units.  This rude awakening has shown me I need to get off my duff and get some of my pretties listed to sell.  I have been saying for some time I want to pare back---just a touch.  Somehow, and I think many of you will know what I mean, (I hope),  I just know the minute I give it up, I will need, want or have a burning desire for that particular piece.

So St Patty, I hope you and my bloggerette friends will send me the luck of the Irish.  And I do hope you enjoy my posts.

My pie safe is all dressed for little people and fairies.

I hope the combo of pink and green is showing up on your screen.  I love finding items that bring it all together.  This little lass has a pink top, and ribbon and flowers on her hat.
A few changes on the mantle give us the pink and green St Pats feeling.
My flea market find picture, is a beauty in green with pink flowers.  I have yet to find a mantle scarf to hide those dreadful wires.

As I said I enjoy finding items that bring my idea together.  I was having trouble with my coffee table until the mail came in.

I'm feeling that St Pat mojo working! Here's the rest of the table
URRR more wires

I hope you get the St Pat mojo working for you too.  I'll be working it in the kitchen tomorrow.  As I'm cooking St Pats I'm going to decorate to keep that mojo working for me too.  By the by:  Is mojo Irish?   I think not, but I for one am taking no chances.

Hope hugs and plenty of mojo to you and yours.


  1. Hi Thanks so much for stopping by, I just love your post and I thought I was following you sweetie but I wasn't and now I am, I must have forgotten to get back, silly me! I'm a dolly lover and some of my favorites are story book dolls and many others too, I have my Saucy Walker from when I was 10 years old, the only doll my Dear Mom saved for me, I guess Mom saved her as it was my last doll as a child and Daddy said I was getting too old for dolls, ha- little did he know, that just made me more of a collector, so glad you stopped by or I may have missed you, I guess I have been trying to do Too many things as in babysit, household chores and create things too! Gotta get some stuff done before I'm way too old! lol, Hugs fro one doll lover to another! I have parted with many over the years, especially large ones, still have a few of those to move but I'll keep chasing the little ones every once in awhile! Marilou xoxo

  2. Eeek! I love your sweet dolls and I love the one wearing the pink top and green shiny dress. Reminds me of Scarlett O'Hara!

    Thanks for the St. Pat!

    Happy Pink and Green Saturday
    Deanna :D

  3. Gorgeous coffee table decorations! Love it!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!