Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Pink to much to do Saturday

We love the holidays so much, I think we should make it longer.  I mean why try to squeeze all of your parties, shopping and decorating into one short month?  I'm sure we would all find ways to fill up whatever amount of extra time we were given.  But of course there in lies the self made dilemma.

The purpose of the holidays is not to see how crazy we can make ourselves.  I've decided I am going to do less stressing and more enjoying!  To that point I am going to take the time to browse Miss Beverly's Pink Saturday Link.  I am amazed at all of the creativity.  It certainly has inspired me to try different vignettes.  You will be inspired as well.  Your link is:

While I was blog hopping last week, I came across a new to me blog.  Miss Deidrea has a lot of eye candy to see.  Wait until you see her range and what she did to a microwave.  She wanted her appliances to fit in with her newly created kitchen.  She even offers tutorials   If you'd like to visit her this is her link.  (love the blog name):

Well I'm off to see you.

I hope you will join us at Miss Beverly's

I hope you check out Miss Deidrea

And of course I hope you enjoy My  Pink Pretties

I really enjoy reading your comments. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time

Hope and Hugs to You and Yours 



  1. What a lovely display, so pretty! Thanks for sharing - and Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

  2. I love the way everything just looks good together in your last picture. Happy Pink Saturday ! Pat

  3. Such pretty pink vignettes you have shown us. I would love to go with pink for Christmas, but my mom needlepointed many precious ornamets, wall hanging and a cherish gingerbread house for me in the years before she died. It would never be Christmas without having my mom's love surround me in the beautiful creativity she gave me, so I go with traditional green and red.

  4. I love your pink pretties...especially the eggcups on the 2nd shelf down! Thanks for sharing your pretties and a new blog to visit! Happy PS!

  5. You have so many pretty things and have them displayed so well. Lovely post.

  6. So very beautiful!! A girl can never have too many pink dishes!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Very beautiful!

    Hearty Pink, come and see when you get a chance.

  8. Gorgeous! The pink plate in your setting is just beautiful! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    I'm hosting my Homemaking Link-Up Weekend again this weekend if you'd like to come link your homemaking post(s). I would love to have you participate!

    HaPpY pInK SAtUrDaY!

  9. Your pink vignettes are so pretty and romantic looking! Love the plates with the roses.

  10. Happy Pink Saturday! I'm pinking by 4's (my link is #104). I just fell into pink with your header! And, that pink plate on the silver charger caught my eye in a flash. It looks creamy dreamy wonderful. I enjoyed reading your profile. I know what you mean. I'm glad you're finding your way out of the box. Welcome to blogland. (I have ducked in and out of it since 2007, but think I'm here for the long haul now.) Enjoyed my visit! Thanks, Jenn

  11. Happy Pink Saturday! Your combination of pink and white and glitter is so beautiful. It's giving me ideas. ^_^ -Lola from Buddhatropolis.

  12. Happy Pink Saturday. I do love all of your pink pretties. I especially love your bottlebrush trees. I have never been able to find one.

    Thank you for introducing Diedre. I will visit her.

  13. Love your pretty pink Christmas sparkles!


  14. Thank you for your comment and visiting my blog. I am your newest follower and you are invited to follow me. Pat from Pat's Pink Apron