Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm starting to enjoy Christmas right now.

With so much going on with my health, and the health of my in laws, I'm late on getting Christmas going.  I absolutely love Christmas!  We have always had big parties (50 to 100 people) until the last few years.  I do miss them but realistically it is to much work right now.  It does look like my in laws will have a new place soon.  Their home has sold, and the house is nearly empty.  They will be getting their dog back and I my sanity.  Well hopefully my sanity.  So let the decorating begin!

I just love putzes.  And I also love filling my cabinets with pink pretties. Of course I actually love all pastels whites and creams.

Close up views of the antique pie safe in my family room.

Well these are at least a beginning.  I hope you enjoy them.
Hope and Hugs to all.

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