Friday, November 2, 2012

Pink The obvious choice

As I visited the Pink Bloggerettes last week, I was touched by the number of women who shared stories or feelings about Breast Cancer Month.  Several questioned the choice of such a lovely color being the choice to represent such an awful disease.

I believe that as we pray for a cure- admire the strength of the women who survive. and marvel at the courage of the women we have lost, a soft pink light shines and shows through us all.  Leading me to believe, pink was the obvious choice.

October is over, our prayers for the cure are not.

I wanted to share with you a new friend I found last week at Miss Beverly's Pink Saturday.  Even the name of her blog gives you insight to her.  Doni is very talented and ingenuitive.   I mean this lady found a way to dye vintage lace PINK with avocado peelings.  SAY WHAT?  I kid you not.  Her pics are lovely as well.  Please give her a visit, I know you will probably go back through her old posts as I did.  I can only say enjoy.

You will find many other lovely blogs at Miss Beverly's.   Consider joining us.  You'll meet many great Pinkies

This week we had a Halloween dinner.  As we do not get many Tricks or Treaters, an adult dinner was called for.  I'm showing my fall dining room ready for our guests.

I hope you'll have time to visit with us.  

I hope your Halloween was a fun one.

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I hope you enjoy my fall pretties


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  1. I think the pink stands for the beauty and grace of all women and cancer is ugly enough all by itself. We don't need any more ugly !
    Your photos are lovely.

  2. I think your post is awesome sharing the real reasons for the awareness campaign and our hope! I love the photo of the women with her masectomy and the pink ribbon tatoo over her chest! what a beautiful woman she was sharing her body in such a way! I lost my favorite aunt Ang to this dreaded disease. Her courage will not be forgotten in my lifetime! I pray for many friends dealing with this now, Teresa, Angela, and many others who have the encourage and wisdom to fight for their lives as well as the lives of so many others!
    I think everyone should stop by and read your precious words.
    I am following you and I hope you come by. I still have my double giveaway up til the 10th!
    Hugs Anne

  3. What lovely seasonal decorations! Thanks for visiting me. So glad to have found your lovely blog. Have a great week! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  4. I agree with Francie above about the Pink. It represents something so pretty to me, the color makes me feel good inside. I have had two lumps removed from my breast, thank God both were benign, so very thankful. You know I lost my cousin to breast cancer and so many other beautiful women have left us. Let's continue to pray for a cure and soon. Hugs...Lu