Friday, June 1, 2012

Playing in pink

I started gathering some of my pink vases from around the house to use for all of the lovely spring blooms.  I use most of them for both live and artificial flowers.  As I live in a northern climate they have faux flowers in them most of the time.  While I was gathering and  congregating them in my sun room, I noticed how lovely they looked together enemas.  Well I thought, let the playing begin!

I find it so interesting how adding or subtracting, or even a mere shift in a piece can change the look completely.   I love how the faux flowers come to life when adding real flowers to them.  Can you guess which is which?  At any rate  I knew this would be my Pink Saturday post.  Oh in case you don't know,  Miss Beverly invites us all to her blog to play with pink every Saturday.  You can join us here:

I found a new friend who likes to play too.  Check her out- her blog is great.  It's here

I do hope you will join in the fun.

I hope you visit many pink pals.

And of course I hope you enjoy MY PINK PRETTIES
Oh my husband just came in giggling.  He said " I don't know how to tell you this Dear, but I think you have PIGGED OUT on pink!"   WWWWHHHaaaattt.  Ladies is that even possible?

SOOO I guess I will just have to sit here with my Pink Lady Martini and contemplate that.
"Aahh" he says with a smile, I'll have one too".

                                                              If you have the time
                                                                I enjoy reading
                                                                your comments

                                                                  Until next time

                                                                Hope and Hugs
                                                                You and Yours


  1. Your pink pretties truly are PRETTY, sweetpea! Happy Pink Saturday.

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  2. Your pinks are so sweet and delicate in the vases. Happy Pink Saturday & enjoy your weekend.


  3. You have more pinks in your home than I can find in a year. Nicely done.

  4. All pretty pinks. Thanks for sharing them.

    the French Hutch

  5. Oh that pink vase in the next to last picture is so lovely! Pretty pinks to be sure! Happy Pink Saturday!

    bee blessed

  6. I stared and stared at the pretty photo of all your vases. Really had a hard time picking out the favorite but I think it's the one with a pumpkin like base. :) HPS

  7. It is sweet of you to mention my blog - thank you! I feel so honored. As you mention on your blog, everyone is so inspiring, so much that I am getting things accomplished around my home. Happy Pink Saturday to you! Love the softness in your photos..

  8. Very pretty!

    Come and join me with my Color Connection meme through my PINK entry. Hope you join the fun!

  9. What a beautiful PS post!! No, one can NEVER pig out on pretty pinkness!! :0)

    I'm sooo glad you stopped by my blog today. We certainly do seem to like many of the same things. I hope to get to know you better thru your lovely blog.

    I hope you signed up for my giveaway that ends tomorrow! And a quick reminder about my annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY next Friday, June 8th! Hope you will join us!

    Big PS Hugs,

  10. Well you did it again. You have such beautiful pink pretties. Wow! I could spend the day here. Hugs....Lu

  11. Your treasures are so wonderful. Everything is beautiful and so nicely displayed. Thank you for sharing. I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at
    Hugs, Gayle.

  12. Everything looks so lovely! I love your wicker love seat and all the pretty pinks. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day!