Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Hot Pink Saturday

Will someone please explain why I continue to garden, only to watch everything droop or get eaten.  I love the green movement and try at best to respect Mother Nature.  But I have to say these creepy ravenous earwigs are about to receive my wrath!!  And it is just to darn hot.  OK I feel better getting that off of my  chest.  Mother Nature fear not, I will continue to try to kill them responsibly.

In light of my crabbies I figured out I needed some happy pink.  Sure enough, I started working on changing my kitchen curio.  As I found some different pinks to rearrange,  my mood actually lifted.  It's true what they say,  pink really is a state of mind, not just a color.

Well it is still hotter than you know where, so I think I will stay here in the pink coolness of my home.

The only traveling I will be doing will be at Miss Beverly's Happy Pink Saturday Link.  You can join in the fun too.

I hope you will join us, and I hope you will be cool.

And of course I hope you enjoy My Pink Pretties.


If you have the time I enjoy reading your comments

Until next time

Hope & hugs to you and yours


  1. Happy Pink Saturday to you!
    It's always nice to change things up a bit, makes you feel better too. Love your treasures, Char

  2. You sure do have a lot of pink pretties...great collection.

  3. Your pinks look very pretty today! Your hatpin holder is similar to one I have! :) Have a great weekend!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  4. oohhh I always love looking at your pink pretties!
    It's so hot the only gardening I do is in pots on the porch or deck so I give you my admiration !

  5. Oh you have so many pink pretties. Love your doll collection too!..Christine

  6. What a very nice pink presentation. You certainly have a lot of pretty goodies.

  7. Your pinks are gorgeous! And I love the milk glass too!! Happy Pink Saturday!!

  8. I enjoyed looking at all your sweet pinks in the cupboard! You have so many pretties!
    I can complain about those horrible earwigs, too. I went down to the kitchen in the night and had many crawling on cupboard doors and the counters. I think I got them all and flushed them you know where....YIKES! I hate those bugs! I find zillions of them in the rose blooms and daisies and other flowers....our cool wet spring and early summer must have brought them!
    Stay cool!

  9. Your pretties are always so pretty! I love, love, love that sweet little girl in the last photo.

  10. Pretty pinks. You did a great job, even if you were hot hot hot! I actually envy you your sunshine. We've had nothing but clouds and rain here the last few days. We've had nearly no summer to speak of so far, we're lucky if it gets above 70. Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend!

  11. You have some pretty pinks! Our weather has been the pits all week. Hope it warms up soon as we're beach people! Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend.


  12. Hi: Love all your pretty pinks. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Martha

  13. Happy Pink Saturday my pink and pretty friend. I love all your pinks and I'm glad you aren't having any bloggy trouble! Thanks for stopping by and Hugs, blessings and much love, Marilou

  14. Beautiful Pinks. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday. Karie

  15. Hello!!

    Thanks so much for your visit!!

    I love all your pink pretties but that sweet pink tree and the little doll in the chair are what really made my heart sing!! so cute!!

    Loved this post!!



  16. I feel your pain. It's really hot here too. I've solved our gardening problem - we go to the farmer's market!

  17. Love all your pinks - sometimes some rearranging is just what the doctor ordered. Happy PS.

  18. It's all so delightfully pink and just the place to be when the temperatures are too hot to be outside.
    Here in Normandy though......rain, rain and more rain!
    The grass is always greener they say.

  19. Love all your pink pretties today! And my garden is struggling too! We have heat indexes over 100 for the past week and the deer keep reaching through the fence and yanking out the cucumbers. Oh well, at least my tomatoes have done wonderful this year. Have a great weekend, Nan

  20. I love your pink pretties....and certainly understand your frustration about gardening in this heat.... and dealing with the critters. I just have flowering plants, and they make me nuts trying to keep them alive and in tact.

    Have a great Sat. evening and lovely Sun. Hope your Sat. was filled with great PINKNESS!!


  21. You are NOT KIDDIN' about it being HOT! It is absolutely HORRIBLE here in Oklahoma. I hate it. :( Whine Whine WHINE....(got any cheese?)...

    Love your pink pretties my friend. LOVE THEM ALL...yummeeee~


  22. I know what you mean about gardening. We had our house power washed last week and those darn workmen did not respect the plants on my deck. Some got torn up and busted. I was so mad because everything was looking so nice. But with a little TLC hopefully they will be back to looking good in a few weeks. HPS

  23. I always love your pink pretties! Thank you for visiting my little space in the universe and leaving a sweet message. Hope it cools off soon!
    Hugs to you,