Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh my happiness....What a haul!!

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Last weekend was a great get a way.  My husband & I belong to an RV club that takes several close to home trips through the summer.  The group is made up of really fun people.  We call ourselves an RV club, but really we are an eating and drinking club!  The men like to play golf, while the women like to shop. 

Now everyone that knows me knows:  if it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have ANY.  This week I am happy to say was my week.  It is all the more special when unexpectedly lady luck drops by. 

When we went into the antique shop, I had my usual hopes that I would find a special treasure to take home.  After all antiquing is a competitive sport.  As we started down the aisle my heart lept.  There was a beautiful pink plate I hoped would be my treasure today.  I approached carefully, heart racing I poised myself  into the perfect position in front of my competitors.  Wha la I went in for the kill.  I'm happy to report it was mine!  To find a treasure so early in the hunt sharpened my instincts.  The hunt was on!!

Oh boy oh boy.  In no time my arms were filled.  First with a Lefton jelly & plate, then Bavarian candle sticks, then angels & S&P shakers & figurines and on and on and on. 

As I amassed my goodies on the counter, many guns took aim.  But I was already the victor.  I did convert one into a pinkie.  She said she didn't think she cared for pink but after seeing them all together, they made her smile.  I put down my shield long enough to help her find a few pink pretties for herself.

I hope lady luck smiles on you.

And I hope you enjoy my pink pretties.

Of course now the fun will begin.  Whatever will I do with all these pink pretties?

Happy Mother's Day


  1. Oh my goodness you did get some great stuff!! Way to go!! Happy Pink Saturday and Mother's Day to you!


  2. Wow ~ that's a lot of pink prettiness!!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. What fun you must have had! I would have been over the moon excited to find so many pretties in one day!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mothers Day!

  4. Oh wow, what beautiful treasures and I'm glad you had a good time on the RV getaway!!! Happy Pink Saturday!!


  5. I will say that lady luck was really with you. You did awesome! So many pretty pink roses. Have to say I love the couple on the bench and love what appears to be a sugar bowl with little spoon, white rose design on front. Glad you had such a nice trip and so much fun being a winner this week in finding treasures. Happy Mother's Day, PS, Derby day all rolled into one.

  6. Well I guess you did have an awesome haul!! Those candlesticks are lovely!!! Thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday, as well as the Giveaway! Good luck to you, and I'm now a happy follower of your blog!
    Blessings, Doni

  7. You rocked this girlfreind. I see so many beautiful things on display. What treasures you have. Perfect for this week too. Happy Pink Saturday and a very Happy Mother's Day, Char

  8. Well good for you! Those sure are some pink pretties! Good job converting another pinkie too, ha!

    Happy PS,

  9. Oh wow, you did great! My favorite is your Lefton girl...I've got one and am hoping to eventually have an entire collection to fill a pretty hutch I redid awhile back.

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  10. Oh my...what a beautiful haul...lucky you. Happy Mothers Days & HPS too,
    Warm Wishes Michelle

  11. Happy Pink Saturday
    What an amazing haul.

  12. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day! You did very well finding all those beautiful pink things. Have a great week! Warmly, Linda

  13. I really enjoyed reading your account of "the hunt". I can definitely relate. Your S&P shakers caught my eye. I found a similar pair a few years ago, but there was no bench. I didn't even know that there was supposed to be one. My kissing cuties are perched on the windowsill over my sink. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Terri

  14. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Great collection!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  15. Beautiful pinks!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Happy Mother's Day!

    Big hugs

  16. Tee hee...your pinks are so pretty. I love antique shopping, but alas, I live in a small home and don't have any more room! But I love to read blogs and see what others collect. Happy Pink Day!

  17. You DID make a haul on that outing!!! Your RV Club sounds like so much fun!! Hope you had a terrific Mother's Day, too! Happy Belated Pink Sat.! dana

  18. I just had to come back and tell you that your comments made me laugh so hard! I'm glad to know that I have a Pink Partner in there's a title!